One person was killed in the attack on Bor. An overpass on the Belgrade-Niš highway was destroyed. Preševo was targeted with 12, and Leskovac with three missiles. New attacks on Batajnica, Fruška Gora, Smederevo, Velika Plana, Prahovo, the Ponikve Airport and Gnjilane. “Šumarice” in Kragujevac were shelled, destroying the arches which symbolize the deaths of 7,300 innocent victims in the Second World War.

The NATO struck the “Jugopetrol” warehouse in Čukarica with two missiles, and Surčin was also targeted. Two people were killed and 13 were injured in the attack on “Krušik” in Valjevo. One person was killed in the shelling of “Jugopetrol” in Bor.

Enemy missiles damaged the Tobacco Industry, the “Nova Jugoslavija” printing company, and the bus depot in Vranje. A bridge on the South Morava was targeted in Vladičin Han, damaging houses, schools, and a kindergarten. The bridge near Veliko Orašje was also hit.