Schools across Serbia are continuing to receive bomb threats today. The “Bora Stanković” Gymnasium in Niš received a report of a bomb threat by phone around 9:30 this morning. Students and teachers were evacuated quickly, and police officers arrived on scene shortly. The school announced that the counter-diversionary inspection was terminated at 11:30, finding nothing.

This is the first time a school in Niš has received a bomb threat.

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies on Vojvode Stepe Street in Belgrade also received a bomb threat today. According to the school’s website, classes were canceled.

“Due to a bomb threat, classes (lectures and lab exercises) planned for today have been canceled,” says the school’s website.

A whopping 173 out of a total of 258 elementary and high schools in Belgrade have received bomb threats. Inspections are still ongoing, so classes are being held online in 49 elementary and 21 high schools in Belgrade today, Deputy Minister of Education Milan Pašić said to RTS.