While in the previous days the targets of anonymous bomb threats across Serbia were predominately schools, airports and embassies, today the threats were also called in at hospitals.

An explosive device was reported to be set at the Zvezdara Medical Center, as well as the Gynecology Department at Zvezdara.

The “Dragiša Mišović” Hospital received the following message on their email address:

“We have set four bombs inside the hospital. You are yet to learn who we actually are.”, a source said.

The Military Medical Academy in Belgrade received a threatening email with a message about a whopping seven explosive devices.

“There are 7 explosive devices inside the Military Medical Academy building. Each of them is on a timer and contains 1 kg of C4 plastic explosive. To make the riddle more entertaining for us, we will give you another tip — two of the 7 devices are inside medical waste bins, and one is somewhere on the second floor,” said the anonymous threatening email.