Željka Cvijanović, President of the Republic of Srpska, said to Srna that the British Embassy’s decision to stall the visas for the BiH national players of Serbian nationality who were supposed to compete in the European Senior Championship in Taekwondo in Manchester is an act reminiscent of the bygone dark ages and would disgust any sane human being.

“They are going after children and athletes. Taking revenge on them, for what? Counting the blood cells of children and athletes is anti-civilization discrimination, as well as a form of segregation not seen anywhere else in Europe. As far as I am aware, it only exists in schools in the Federation of BiH and in the United Kingdom,” said Cvijanović to Srna when asked to comment on the fact that the British Embassy is yet to approve the visas for BiH national team players Katarina Krajišnik from East Sarajevo and Zorana Sandić from Zvornik.

Cvijanović pointed out that all pretenses were dropped when visas were stalled exclusively for the Serbian taekwondo players, while all other BiH national team players were approved for theirs.

“If the Ukraine crisis is the reason why the visa applications were stalled, as we learned from the BiH Taekwondo Association’s announcement, then how is it possible that all other participants from BiH have been approved, and only the Serbian athletes have not? For one of the athletes, the delay at this point essentially means that her visa was denied, as it is no longer theoretically possible for her to make it to the competition in time, and the other one has very little time left. Is it really somebody’s intention to prevent these Serbian girls from competing and achieving good results in the competition? Horrible and pathetic,” stressed Cvijanović.

The British Embassy has not yet approved visas for BiH taekwondo national team players Katarina Krajišnik from East Sarajevo and Zorana Sandić from Zvornik, who were set to take part in the European Senior Championship in Manchester.