President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić received today accredited letters from the newly appointed Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Tolkach and said that Serbia, in line with its own consistent policy, promotes peaceful conflict resolution and in that sense supports all efforts aimed towards negotiation.

Vučić expressed sadness over the situation in Ukraine, and brought Tolkach up to date with the positions of the Government of Serbia and the National Security Council, announced the Office for Media Relations of the President of Serbia.

The President of Serbia stressed that Belgrade is committed to respecting the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries, as one of the basic principles of the international law stated in the UN Charter, and in that sense respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Vučić also emphasized that Serbia is exposed to the unprincipled position of certain parts of the world concerning the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, and thanked Ukraine for respecting the territorial integrity of Serbia.

Pointing out that Serbia provided civilian refugees from Ukraine with the best possible conditions, as well as full access to residential and work permits according to EU rules, even at a higher level, Vučić announced an upcoming visit to these refugees together with Tolkach.

Vučić announced that Serbia will participate in rebuilding cities in Ukraine.

The President of Serbia stressed that the two countries have possibilities to develop a collaboration in different spheres to mutual benefit, and emphasized the need to continue working on strengthening the economic relations, as soon as the situation permits.

The Ukrainian Ambassador Tolkach thanked Serbia for the humanitarian aid given to the displaced Ukrainian civilians, as well as the financial aid.