Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday Serbia was in a specific situation when it comes to all developments regarding Kosovo-Metohija and that extreme pressure over the issue had led him to hold a meeting with Serbian Orthodox Church archbishops to hear their opinions.

“That is where it will be increasingly difficult to protect our interest because the pressure will get tougher than ever. Since the day the president of Russia said what his incursion into Ukraine was based on in terms of formal law and politically, all Western powers have been working on untying the Kosovo-Metohija knot in order to deprive the Russian president of that argument,” Vucic said.

“Of course, the Russians have identified the mistakes they (Western countries) have made in the past and are using that for their needs, which is logical behaviour, but to us that is just an additional burden and additional trouble,” Vucic said.

He said Serbia was under enormous pressure as the only country in Europe that had not imposed any sanctions on Russia.

“That is giving us major problems, which are not small and will grow,” he said.