Priština’s bid for membership in the Council of Europe is an act directly aimed against preserving the unity of that organization, which is one of the key principles defined in the Statute of the Council, said today in Turin Nikola Selaković, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

At the session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, he pointed out that the bid is in contravention with at least two articles of the Statute of the Council, and the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1244.

Selaković pointed out that any kind of argument saying that Kosovo is ‘a black hole’ within Europe, without a presence of the Council of Europe and all of the values it represents, communicated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

The Serbian minister explained that the Council of Europe does have a status-neutral presence in the southern Serbian province, where it participates in the organization and execution of various projects.

He reiterated that this is by no means an argument for the opposing side.

“Should the situation develop in that direction, Serbia will fight against it with any available diplomatic and political means, and I am confident that we will not stand alone in that fight,” said Selaković.

Speaking on the Ukraine crisis, he said that Serbia confirmed that it is one of the few European countries with extremely clear positions regarding the basic principles of its foreign policy.

Selaković stressed that Serbia is guided with the basic principles of the United Nations Charter, that it respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries and respects internationally recognized borders.

In his words, at today’s session in Turin the representatives of seven or eight countries spoke in an unprincipled manner about respecting the territorial integrity or sovereignty of some European countries, while failing to mention other countries whose integrity is violated, such as Serbia.