“An overwhelming majority of the citizens of Serbia (over 82%) is against imposing sanctions on Russia, opposes joining the NATO, and would not recognize Kosovo in exchange for the membership of Serbia in the European Union,” reported Đorđe Vukadinović on the latest findings of Nova srpska politička misao (NSPM).

Đorđe Vukadinović, NSPM editor-in-chief, said that the poll has shown that Serbia is not quite as divided a society as it is believed to be, and claims that other polls on similar topics may differ by less than 2%.

The NSPM poll has shown that 82.1% of citizens do not support imposing sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine, 6.9% do support it, and 11% are undeclared.

Citizens have said that they follow the situation in Ukraine, and around 49% believes that Russia is in the right, 6.1% believe that Ukraine is, and 21% of citizens believe that nobody is at fault for the conflict.

“When asked who carries the most blame for the Ukraine conflict, a staggering 68.7% answered that the culprit is the NATO, 7.4% blame Ukraine, 5.6% blame Russia, and around 18% of citizens are undeclared,” said Vukadinović.

He pointed out that the support for Serbia joining the NATO “has reached a minimum” and has now fallen to 5.4%, while 87.2% of respondents are opposed to joining the NATO.

Vukadinović said that only 5% of respondents said that we should recognize Kosovo in exchange for membership in the European Union, while 85% of respondents are against it.