Certain media outlets have published that Serbia has complied with the sanctions that the European Union imposed on Belarus in April due to the involvement of Belarus in the Russian aggression against Ukraine, citing a document published on the European Council’s website. The media also reported that the Council adopted additional sectoral measures targeting Belarus’ financial and road sectors in response to the involvement of Belarus in the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Asked by a journalist about Serbia’s alignment with the sanctions, Vučić replied:

“Partially yes, partially no. There were about 25 statements, we have joined nine, and have not joined 16, I think that is about right, but that has been going on for a year and there is nothing new there, absolutely nothing,” reported Tanjug.

Vučić stressed that he is only looking at our best interest, as he said, what we can do, what we cannot, and that we keep in mind what would be unfriendly or unfair.

The President of Serbia added that our country has not joined any of the 23 statements against Russia.

When asked to comment on the demand that Serbia align itself with that part of the European Union’s policy, Vučić said that the demands are many, but so are our needs, and his job is to worry about Serbia and not about the European Union.

“We will worry about the EU as well when we become its member. It is exceedingly important to us that we have good relations and continue on the European path, as well as to secure enough food and energy and worry about our integrity and constitution and take care of our country and people. And I believe that we are doing a good job of it,” said Vučić.