A memorial service was held today at the monument to the 12 Babies at the City Cemetery in Banja Luka and wreaths were laid on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their deaths at the University Clinical Center due to a shortage of oxygen that could not be delivered during the war operations.

The memorial was organized by the Republic Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians.

The first of the babies died on May 22, 1992, followed by the agony and death of the remaining babies. By June 19 of the same year, 12 bables had died in Banja Luka, becoming a symbol of the violation of human rights and inhumanity of the international community.

The agony ended with the breakthrough of a corridor establishing a connection between the Banja Luka region and other parts of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

The thirteenth baby, Slađana Kobas, lost the battle for her life at the age of 14, and the fourteenth baby, Marko Medaković, struggles with lifelong consequences from the oxygen deprivation.