Elektroprivreda Serbia facilities in Niš, Novi Sad and Drmno near Kostolac were shelled for the third day in a row. The power plant in Drmno near Kostolac was hit with two devastating missiles, causing a sizable fire to break out. Seven people were injured, at least two of whom were children, in the cluster bomb strike on the Uroševac neighborhood of Punovo Polje.

The neighborhood of Ritopek in the Grocka Municipality was shelled, about 20 kilometers southeast of Belgrade. A missile struck a family home in that neighborhood, destroying it completely, and the force of the detonation damaged windows and roofs on a dozen nearby houses. The water supply system sustained severe damage in the bombing of the Sremska Mitrovica region, causing around 10,000 inhabitants of five villages in Fruška Gora and the residents of two refugee settlements in Ležimir and Lepenka to lose access to water.

General-Major Vladimir Lazarević, Commander of the Priština Corps of the Yugoslav Army, estimated that the NATO has only accomplished a single objective in the two months of war — to cause an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in our entire country and commit unparalleled crimes against the civilian population, peace and humanity.

General-Major Vladimir Lazarević