Operation Arrow (orig. Strela) began, in which Serbia was attacked by the regular army of Albania, the NATO, and Norwegian Special Forces Units.

Three individuals were killed, and two were wounded in the shelling of Kosovska Vitina. The “Slatina” civilian airport was also targeted.

Two children were killed and one suffered severe injuries from the bomb the NATO dropped in the village of Radoste, west of Orahovac. A 13-year-old child was killed on the spot, while the other succumbed to injuries on the way to the hospital.

The already destroyed bridge on the Belgrade-Niš highway across the Jasenica river near Velika Plana was targeted again.

For the third time since the NATO aggression began, the building of the Novi Sad Television was targeted with several. Missiles. The “Jugopetrol” warehouses in Bor and Prahovo, already totally destroyed in previous attacks, were targeted. The transformer station on the premises of the Mining and Smelting Basin’s copper factory was hit again.

The “Jamena” watchtower belonging to the 14th Border Battalion of the Belgrade Corps from Šid was struck with 9 aerial bombs. Soldier Mirko Bogdanović was killed in the attack, and two other soldiers suffered severe injuries. The attack caused severe material damage.