At the meeting between members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Elizabeth Truss, Serbian Member of the Presidency Milorad Dodik said that BiH is a dysfunctional and failed country.

“I said that BiH was a dysfunctional and failed country because there is massive interference, including of their /British/ government, and that the former High Representative in BiH Paddy Ashdown tore down the Dayton Agreement with the help of that government,” pointed out Dodik after the meeting.

Dodik said that there was no information about the endangerment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, referring to Truss’ statements that Moldova, Georgia and BiH were in danger and needed to be defended.

“I told her that I was a member of the supreme command in BiH and that we had no such information, that the Althea commander had said that things were stable and peaceful here, that the NATO Joint Staff deputy had also said that there were no security challenges, and the same thing could be heard from Stuart Peach (Special Envoy for the Western Balkans) who was also present,” emphasized Dodik.

In response to Truss’ claims about her arrival and the presence of the United Kingdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik asked “who invited her and what gives them the right to enter a sovereign country and talk about it”.

He stressed that he had told the British Foreign Secretary that there was no High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I told her that the United Kingdom is one of the countries who guaranteed the Dayton Agreement and that we ought to stick to the letter, and the letter is that the signatories of the Annex 10 to this agreement are supposed to appoint a High Representative, and the UN Security Council is supposed to confirm the appointment, but neither of those things happened,” said Dodik to RTRS, reported Sputnik.

Dodik said that Truss answered that the United Kingdom recognizes the presence of a High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is Christian Schmidt.

“Then I handed her the Annex 10 to have a look. I believe it will change her mind if she reads it carefully,” stressed Dodik.