On the 65th day of the aggression, the NATO air force carried out 741 takeoffs — the largest number since the beginning. 308 aircraft took part in the attacks.

5-year-old Dejana, 8-year-old Stefan and 29-year-old Biljana Momčilović died in the bombing of Ralja. Suburban neighborhoods of Makiš and Ostružnica were targeted at the same time, as well as the Bubanj Potok area. Television and postal relays were shelled on the Zabučje hill near Užice. Over 10 missiles were fired at a farm at the “Dobričevo” agricultural estate near Ćuprija.

In the most intense attack on Kuršumlija, the suburban neighborhood of Markovići was shelled the hardest. Three people were killed and two were wounded in the shelling of the villages of Ćelekare and Gornja Budriga in the Kosovska Vitina Municipality. A warehouse belonging to the “Grmija” retail company in Lebane was targeted with two missiles.