When something is in the interests of the United States, then they are allowed anything, including momentarily bombing Yugoslavia, which is 10,000 kilometers away from their shores, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an interview with RT.

“Just compare that arrogance, that feeling of own superiority, this is that colonial mentality where I am allowed anything, and you must do as I say. Just remember, in 1999 the United States decided that Yugoslavia was a threat to their security, even though it was 10,000 kilometers away from their shore, and they bombed it momentarily,” said Lavrov.

He reminded that Christopher Walker, then leader of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OEBS), declared a few dead bodies found in the village of Račak a genocide, and it was later found that they had not even been civilians, but militants changed into civilian clothes and strewn around.

“The same thing was done on April 23 in Bucha near Kyiv, it is the same pattern and it works, regardless of whether it is convincing anybody or not. They did not even need to convince anybody, they just bombed Yugoslavia and formed the independent Kosovo, violating all principles of the OEBS. They just said — that is the way it’s going to be,” said Lavrov.

Following the Crimea referendum, they said that the self-proclaimed Kosovo was fine, but the self-proclaimed Crimea was not. It is all evident to the naked eye and does not make anyone blush in shame, concluded Lavrov.