At least three people were killed and many were wounded in the attack on Aleksinac. 10 houses were destroyed to the ground, and around 30 were damaged. The telecommunications relay in Zapučje near Užice was completely destroyed. The electricity grid in Serbia was shelled again in the areas of Belgrade, Niš, Aleksinac, Pirot, Vladičin Han, and several towns in Kosovo and Metohija. The industrial zone in the western part of Niš was shelled. In the region of Pirot, the “Tanasko Rajić” neighborhood in the southeastern part of town, the “Sveti Jovan” weekend-settlement and Crni Vrh on Stara Planina were shelled. The bridge on the South Morava in Vladičin Han was targeted.

The NATO military commanders have received political permission to attack civilian telephone and computer networks in Yugoslavia in order to cut off communication between Belgrade and the Yugoslavian security forces in Kosovo and Metohija. The NATO plan was to cut the main telephone systems, cause chaos in the computer system and the cellular network.