Aleksandar Vučić said that he had a good conversation with the Russian president this morning and that they discussed several different topics, of which the most important for Serbia is that they agreed on the main elements of the new gas deal, which will be signed for a period of three years.

He said that the elements were very favorable for Serbia and that the formula used so far will remain the same, that is, that the price will be very affordable.

After the conversation, he said, he wrote a letter to the director of Gazprom Alexey Miller, in order to discuss new gas orders as soon as tomorrow.

Vučić also said that he explained to Putin that Serbia requires larger amounts of gas for industrial development.

“If we are able to realize everything, we will be set for the winter when it comes to gas,” said Vučić.

The Presidents of Serbia and Russia had previously, in a meeting in Sochi in November of last year, reached an agreement that the price of Russian gas would be $270 for the following six months, that is, remain unchanged, with a larger delivery amount.

The current agreement on Russian gas delivery expires on May 31, and Vučić had previously announced that he would address the issues of the amount and price of gas delivery in his conversation with Putin.

Aleksandar Vučić and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone in April, when Putin congratulated Vučić on winning the presidential election.