Seven missiles struck the Vranje area. One person was killed, and another was severely wounded. The area of the Luštica peninsula at the entrance into the Bay of Kotor was shelled. Severe material damage was inflicted in the shelling of Pirot. A television repeater was targeted on the Kozarica hill, near Dimitrovgrad. The Tobacco Factory in Niš was targeted with several missiles.

The suburban neighborhood of Valakonje-Bukovo in Boljevac was targeted. The force of the detonations even knocked down trees. Belgrade was struck with over 30 missiles. The village of Zvečka near Obrenovac, Ostružnica, the Straževica hill, the village of Jakovo and Bubanj Potok were shelled. The Orthodox cemetery in Kosovska Vitina was shelled. The NATO air force targeted the area of the village of Dubrava near Istok and Bijelo Polje near Peć, as well as the territory of the Lipljan Municipality. At the same time, they targeted the Kačanik area and the Goleš mountain.

Crime on the Bridge in Varvarin

The bridge across the Great Morava in Varvarin was destroyed with four missiles. Due to the market day and the Holy Trinity holiday, the bridge was full of people. 10 civilians were killed in the attack, and 16 suffered severe injuries.

In the first strike, two aircraft flew over the bridge and fired two missiles, destroying it completely. The bridge was separated from the middle girder, it collapsed into the river on the town side, while the other end slipped on the elevated bank, so that in the end a part about 100 meters long was hanging at an acute angle, collapsed into the Morava. Three people were killed in the first strike, and at least five were wounded. Several minutes later, the aircraft returned and fired another two missiles, killing seven people who had in the meanwhile come up to the bridge to help those injured in the first strike. Another 12 people were injured in the second strike.