Alexander Babakov, Deputy President of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia, stated that the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić “has shown great courage in standing up to the colossal pressure from the West that is trying to force Belgrade to join the sanctions against Moscow”.

“We are aware of it and we appreciate it. We understand that the President of Serbia is prepared to pay such a steep price, not for a Russian ‘spasibo’, but out of his personal conviction that a country must have a sovereign policy and that there simply is no alternative to such a policy. Because Aleksandar Vučić knows that true sovereignty has a high cost, and is very easy to lose,” said Babaković to Politika.

In his estimation, the most important thing is that in this endeavor Vučić has the absolute support of the citizens of Serbia, who do not accept any pressure and “know from personal experience all the ‘charms’ of life under sanctions”.

Talking about the sanctions against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992, he said that “Russia, which had been heavily influenced by the United States at the time, was unable to speak up against imposing the sanctions”.