The NATO air force shelled the sanatorium in Surdulica. The nursing home in the sanatorium and a refugee pavilion in that healthcare institution were struck with two missiles. 20 people were killed.

One person was killed and one was severely wounded in the shelling of Ripanj. Three homes were destroyed in the attack. A building was targeted on the Volga Street, in a densely populated part of Zvezdara. The shrapnel caused damage to many residential buildings in the stretch between the Volga Street and the King Aleksandar Boulevard. Eight citizens with glass cuts or mild injuries sustained in the shelling of the Volga Street received medical assistance at the Zvezdara Clinical-Hospital Center.

In the repeat strike on the Belgrade area, the power line in the Boljevac forest towards Obrenovac and the radio transmitter in the village of Zvečka near Obrenovac were targeted, and Ripanj was shelled again.

The distribution hub at the “Nikola Tesla A” thermal power plant in Obrenovac was targeted. Five missiles were fired at Makiško Polje, and the area of the Miljakovac forest was also targeted. Over 100 graves and gravestones were damaged in the shelling of the Orthodox cemetery in Priština, and the old chapel sustained significant damage.

For the third time since the aggression began, the plants on the Roman Trenches near Novi Sad supplying Vojvodina with electricity were shelled. The Oil Refinery on the Pančevo road was also shelled.