Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with MEP Viola von Cramon on Monday to discuss the economic situation, Serbia’s EU integration and problems in the dialogue with Pristina, as well as the regional situation and initiatives aimed at connecting Western Balkan countries.

Vucic noted that Serbia would continue on its European path even more intensively and that the country approached regional politics in a serious and responsible way and was hence recognised as a dependable and responsible partner in the region.

Speaking about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Vucic stressed that dialogue was the only right path to resolving open issues, as well as to reaching a sustainable agreement.

He noted that he expected constructive support for dialogue and for finding a compromise solution, along with implementation of existing agreements, above all, the one on the establishment of a Community of Serb Municipalities.

President Vucic stressed that Serbia would devote particular attention to energy efficiency and advancement of the environment, and noted that he expected support in these fields both from the European Parliament and von Cramon personally.

Von Cramon said respect of Serb rights in Kosovo was in the interest of the EU and the European Parliament and noted the significance of continuing the dialogue, adding that the present difficult geopolitical situation called for responsibility on both sides and restraint from provocations.

Speaking about the media situation in Serbia, von Cramon pointed to problems in that field, noting the necessity of serious and fundamental rule of law reforms and more significant commitment to the EU integration process.