President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić was sworn in for his second presidential term at the National Assembly. “I wish to be president to all and president for all,” said Vučić after being sworn in.

“There is no greater honor nor greater obligation than to lead one’s country. Nor greater responsibility than to represent it with pride,” he said.

Vučić read the text of the oath:

“I swear to dedicate all my efforts to preserving the sovereignty and integrity of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija as its integral part, as well as exercising human and minority rights and freedoms, respecting and defending the Constitution and the law, preserving peace and prosperity of all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and to fulfill all my duties conscientiously and responsibly, so help me God.”

Cadets from the Military Academy lined up at the entry to the Assembly, with the members of the Talija Cultural-Artistic Society behind them. Citizens were also gathered, whom the President briefly addressed:

“We will seek to preserve the spirit of community, the spirit of unity, and to show in every possible way how capable we are,” said the President, adding that we will be a country which protects itself, but also others.

He said that people have seen who keeps their best interests in mind always and at all times, and said that as president his aim will not be only to please people, but to act in the best interest of the citizens of Serbia.

“This means that you will occasionally disagree with my decisions, but it also means that we will preserve peace, stability, Kosovo and Metohija, and that our children will be taken care of,” added the President.