Political scientist Nenad Kecmanović said in a statement to Srna that the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court should be ignored in the future and not pay too much attention to them.

 “We just give meaning to something that should simply be ignored. Do not publish in the Official Gazette of Republika Srpska! Do not inform in the media! Do not comment in political speeches! Do not return million times to the same topics! Act as if nothing happened. Do not waste time and energy, rather do what we have decided,” Kecmanović said.

As a good example of a smart response, he points out the position towards January 9, the date when Srpska observes Republic Day.

“The Constitutional Court has decided that it is unconstitutional, and Srpska is still celebrating its birthday on January 9. After all, if Serbs had asked the Constitutional Court in Sarajevo and the ‘international community’ in 1992, Srpska would not have been created. If we asked them now in 2022, the verdict would be to self-destruct Srpska,” Kecmanović said.

He estimates that Republika Srpska should change something in its behavior towards political Sarajevo and the so-called international community.

“We note that Christian Schmidt is not the UN High Representative in BiH because he did not pass the appropriate procedure in the Security Council. And then, we still comment on his reports, statements and speeches, although we should not care at all what ‘a German tourist thinks and does’. That way, we, unwillingly, give him political significance that does not belong to him, and we should not, because of Russia and China, whose negative votes did not elect him,” Kecmanović said.

He believes that due to the acceptance of the discussion with Muslim Sarajevo, to the representatives of the EU, USA, Great Britain and NATO, on the occasion of the adoption in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska of a resolution on the return of taken entity competencies given by Dayton, “it seems and turns out that we are not sure on the constitutionality and legality of our resolution and its basis in Dayton Accords.”

“We give them the opportunity to argue, nag, invent, deceive, instead of telling them: ‘You are literate, so read what is written in the documents that you wrote, signed and guaranteed for yourselves’. Period”, Kecmanović emphasizes.

He believes that it is the same with the latest decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, i.e. with foreign judges who “hold a control package” for making decisions and have never failed to “judge in favor of Bosniaks”.

“It has been confirmed dozens of times and it does not need to be repeated a hundred more times. Foreign judges are a replacement for the High Representative and the Bonn powers, under the guise of a politically independent domestic judiciary. Finally, foreigners have been provided by Dayton Accords as a temporary arrangement, for a period of ten years, so their time of use has expired. And what is there to be further discussed,” Kecmanović points out.

The Constitutional Court of BiH determined on Thursday, May 26, that certain provisions of the acts of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, that were disputed by 15 deputies in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, are not in accordance with the Constitution of BiH, and revoked them for that reason.

Deciding on the request of 15 members of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to resolve the dispute between BiH and Republika Srpska, the BiH Constitutional Court determined that there is a dispute regarding the adoption of the disproved provisions of the declaration and conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly about the return of the transferred competencies from BiH to Republika Srpska in the field of justice, defense and security, indirect taxation and other issues.