Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik spoke today in Sarajevo with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias about the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region in light of the current political events in the world.

Dodik reiterated that work must be done in Bosnia and Herzegovina on establishing a dialogue between the domestic political actors, without outside interference, with the aim to resolve the open issues, one of which is to pass a new Election Law which would allow all three constituent peoples equal participation in elections.

The Serbian Member of the Presidency emphasized that the Croatians are right to demand equal rights to those of the remaining two constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He pointed out that ignoring the the fact that one of the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being outvoted, as the Muslim political representatives insist on doing, only pushes Bosnia and Herzegovina into instability and long-term destabilization.

Both politicians expressed their satisfaction with the collaboration so far and pointed out the need to further evolve it, seeing as there is space to do that and it would benefit both countries, communicated the Cabinet of the Serbian Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik thanked the Greek minister for the support that his country has shown to the countries in the Western Balkans on their way towards the European Union.

“We are committed to maintaining good neighborly relations with all countries in the Western Balkans through political dialogue and various initiatives and forums, as well as through bilateral meetings, respecting common interests,” stressed Dodik.