The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is prepared to innvest up to 10 milion dollars into a program with the aim to bolster citizen activism in Serbia, reported RT.

“The common aim of the initiative ‘Strengthening Citizen Engagement” (SCE) involves bolstering citizen activism in Serbia and including the citizens into societal reform and development processes,” said the document.

According to American experts, the program will attract new young leaders, among other things, but also continue to successfully mobilize resources for joint initiatives.

The budget that the USAID has planned for the project should not exceed 10 million dollars, and the plan is to realize the project over five year..

In January, the United States Department of State communicated that it intends to fund initiatives to promote the American culture and values among the citizens of Serbia. The United States plan to set aside up to 400,000 dollars for these purposes.

The United States of America have been realizing similar projects in several countries, including some in Europe, over several years. According to experts, this United States policy involves meddling in the internal affairs of the countries where it is being implemented.