“Naftagas Promet” warehouses about 10 kilometers away from Sombor were targeted again. Two missiles were fired at this building, completely destroying the remains of the warehouse. Houses in the nearby village of Čonoplja were also damaged. NATO aircraft shelled the central gas station in Srbobran, which caused all vital town infrastructure to lose access to this basic energy source.

TV repeaters were targeted: the Serbian Radio Television repeater on Besna Kobila near Vranje, the TV Kraljevo transmitter on Borča near Kraljevo, the repeater on Crni Vrh in the Jagodina Municipality, the repeater on the Kozarica hill above Dimitrovgrad, and a RTS repeater on Iriški Venac not far from Novi Sad.

The NATO hit a private residence in the village of Lipe near Smederevo, injuring two children.

The “Dobričevo” agricultural estate in the Ćuprija Municipality was shelled again. The NATO air force also targeted mostly civilian objectives in the municipalities of Prizren, Lipljan, Peć and Priština.