Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović has said the position of the German Bundestag that Serbs and Croats are to blame for the situation in BiH is senseless, because, she emphasized, every serious institution in the world should have a balanced approach and take into account all important elements in order to be able to assess a situation.

Cvijanović says she doesn’t know why Bundestag would deal with the situation in BiH in that way and take any position.

“It is enough that we already have various discussions within EU institutions, we don’t need every individual member state to deal with someone else’s problems, while almost not talking about their own problems,” Cvijanović told reporters in Banjaluka.

She has added that “flying envoys” who visit BiH to spend two, or three days here, wander around the region, listen to some people, and in the end find a final address in Sarajevo, where “some whine about how Serbs and Croats are to blame.”

“I think that this is senseless and amounts to deceiving any institution that pretends to be serious, and I believe that German institutions are serious, so it is not serious for them to express their views in that way,” Cvijanović said.