Head of the Organisation of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians of the Trnovo Municipality, Republika Srpska, Goran Timotija, has said today that civilians were exclusively killed in Ledići, and that no one being convicted of such crimes us defeating.

After the commemoration of the 24 brutally killed Ledić civilians, Timotija told the press there were no convictions for crimes against Serbs, which is shameful and defeating, especially for families who are direct descendants of the victims.

“These people were killed because they were Serbs. I wonder who was bothered by an old woman who was over 90 and an 18-month-old child? It seems that we will not get an answer to that question, and how things are, neither the ruling convicting the culprits of this event, because the man who had the authority to prevent it has been released in the first instance”, Timotija emphasized, alluding to the BiH Court’s acquittal to Edhem Godinjak and others.

According to him, there is less and less optimism that the second-instance verdict will be different.

Rada Tešanović Cvijetić, who lost ten family members, says that even 30 years since the massacre, she cannot believe what evil people are capable of doing, reminding that criminals were breaking legs and arms of an 18-month-old child, shooting him execution style, the autopsy showed.

Milena Vitković pointed out that the killed Ledići residents did not pose a threat to anyone, because they were civilians at homes.

Slavko Vasić, who lost his parents and grandmother during the attack on this village, believes that the Bosniak people’s perception was to eliminate Serbs from this village as they were surrounded by Bosniak villages.

He said his parents were killed on June 2, while other murders took place a day later.

A horrible crime was committed against the residence of Ledići village 30 years ago, including the murder of a one-and-a-half-year-old child.

The crime was committed in the evening of June 3, 1992, by members of the so-called Army of BiH, recruited from the Sarajevo area, and Muslim neighbours from the neighboring village of Dejčići.

In tise criminal campaign, 10 members of the Vasić family were killed, the entire Tešanović family, three members of the Miovčić family, and Savo Kenjić and Sladjana Sekulić.

The oldest victim was Ikonija Vasić, who was 92 years old, and the youngest, Milan Tešanović, who was only 18 months old, and whose, according to the pathologist’s report, arms and legs were being broken by the criminals.

The village was looted, burned and destroyed, so nearly every trace of the Serb presence in that area was erased.