The self-initiated request of Bisera Turković, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, that the organs of Bosnia and Herzegovina forbid the eventual visit of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Bosnia and Herzegovina has been qualified as inappropriate, undiplomatic and primitive by the Association of Citizens Eastern Alternative from the Republic of Srpska.

“That shows her illness and pathological hatred, as well as a primitivism unbecoming of an individual who is carrying out the duties of a minister,” estimated the Association.

The Association said that Turković is arbitrarily going around the world promoting disrespect, denigration and hatred towards half the residents of the country she represents, that is, the Christians.

“That goes to show that life is impossible and unbearable in such a country that she insists on tearing apart and dividing in her every appearance, thus threatening its survival, and showing that it is high time that the Republic of Srpska seceded, and the rest of the country can live and cook in its own pot, waiting for the European Union and the United States to fix its problems,” said Eastern Alternative.