The US government’s decision to impose sanctions on Health and Social Welfare Minister Alen Šeranić, as well as recent similar decisions involving other Republika Srpska officials, has a political background and openly places the US administration on the side of Bosniak political elite, which contrary to the explanations it offers, is openly working to undermine the Dayton Peace Agreement, the Government of Srpska announced.

The statement reads that Minister Šeranić could not “obstruct or threaten the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and undermine democratic processes” with any of his decisions, including the proposed law on the establishment of the Republika Srpska Agency for Medicinal Products, as stated in the official explanation of the US Government.

The Government of Republika Srpska points out that the Dayton Peace Agreement does not treat this field in any way, either directly or indirectly, thus accordingly, Minister Šeranić, by proposing this law, could not “obstruct or threaten the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.”

On the contrary, says the Government of Srpska, Minister Šeranić, implemented the policies of the Republika Srpska Government in accordance with his terms of office and defined competencies, with the aim of protecting the public health of the Srpska citizens.

“The Law on the Establishment of the Republika Srpska Agency for Medicinal Products is not motivated by political reasons, as implied in the US Government’s decision on sanctions against Minister Šeranić, but by concern for adequate protection of the health of the Republika Srpska population in a situation where we were facing irresponsible activity of the BiH Agency for Medicinal Products in the peak of coronaviruas pandemic, as it directly endangered the health of the Republika Srpska population with several of its controversial decisions,” pointed out the Government of Republika Srpska.

The statement emphasizes that the aspiration for further centralization and unitarization of BiH is completely contrary to the basic principles of the Dayton Peace Agreement, therefore such decision of the US Government is, in fact, nothing but another unsuccessful attempt to put pressure on the political leadership and Republika Srpska Government to give up the fight for Republika Srpska’s rights guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Agreement.