The European Union is not a “peace project”, as it has been falsely presenting itself for decades.

If the European Union had truly been a “peace project”, as it has been presenting itself for decades, it would have done everything in its power to demilitarize the continent to the greatest possible extent

An opportunity to do so had presented itself when the Warsaw Pact was formally disbanded in 1991. The USSR had already largely withdrawn its army from the Pact countries, and it itself was in an advanced stage of dissolution as well.

There was no longer a reason for the NATO to exist, seeing as the military threat to Western Europe had vanished. However, as we know, the NATO had not only continued to exist, but expanded up to the very Russian border, which is what caused the current war in Ukraine.

The European Union has actively supported every stage of the NATO’s expansion, that is, it was indirectly complicit in remilitarizing and destabilizing the European continent in the period following the fall of the Berlin Wall, and along the way refused to consider Russian proposals on “indivisible security” in the whole area from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

Today, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borell is saying that the war in Ukraine can only be resolved on the battlefield, and the president of the European Commission is spiritedly shouting that “Ukraine must win this war”.

Neither do the leaders of the European Union care peace in Ukraine, nor, apparently, do they care whose hands will pick up the enormous amounts of weapons being sent en masse to the Ukrainian battlefields.

If the European Union had not supported the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, and if nearly every one of its members had not actively participated in it and then recognized the unilaterally proclaimed secession of the so-called Kosovo from Serbia nine years later, the post-Cold War international legal order would not have collapsed, and all of the borders in Europe would be far more secure.

If the European Union had not participated in two United States-led colored revolutions in Ukraine, Crimea would continue to form an integral part of Ukraine, and Russia would still be paying it rent for the needs of its Black Sea fleet.

If the European Union had put pressure on Ukraine to uphold the Minsk Agreement, there would be no war in Ukraine today, and the entirety of Donbas would still be part of Ukraine.

In the same manner, the European Union is not putting any pressure on the Priština separatists to enforce the provisions of the Brussels Agreement, which will make it responsible for all negative consequences for peace that may arise in the future.

If the European Union had not, under pressure from the United States, walked away from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and if it had not then imposed sanctions against the Russian energy sector, today the European Union would not have any energy-related problems, and its citizens would not be worried about whether they will have heating next winter.

Apart from that, the rate of inflation in the European Union would be far lower, and the standard of living of European citizens much less precarious.

Something similar can be said of the radical fulfillment of the “green agenda” that the European Union has embarked on, and which includes the replacement of hydrocarbon fuels with far more expensive and less reliable “green” energy sources. Which has also contributed to the inflation and the drop in energy security across the entire European continent.

Say nothing of the fact that the production of elements for “green” energy sources such as windmills is at least equally as harmful to the environment as exploiting the current main sources of energy, and that their distribution, in the form of hectares and hectares of ugly giant windmills or solar panels, represents a special kind of disfiguring nature and human environment.

If the European Union had not, along with the United States of America, pushed Ukraine into a war against Russia, the world — and especially Africa — would not be threatened by a food crisis today. And if the European Union was willing, even now, to lift sanctions against Russia and Belarus for the sake of preventing a world famine, the world would not be in the slightest danger of famine.

Instead of that, the only thing that the European Union is doing is to try and secure by any means necessary 20 million tons of Ukrainian wheat for their own needs, in exchange for outdated weapons to “help” the suffering Ukraine. And Africa might as well starve to death, despite the cries of the President of the African Union, who went to an official visit to the “isolated” Moscow several days ago, where he implored the political West to lift the sanctions against Russia because the African continent is faced with “a serious threat to food security”.

If the European Union had not, through the European Central Bank, decided to create thousands of billions of Euros out of thin air and inject them into European economies that have been pushed into a recession thanks to the draconian measures employed in fighting COVID-19 — there would be no basis for the current inflation in the European Union that is threatening to spin out of control, or turn into a so-called stagflation.

If many of the, by the way, unelected, leaders of the European Union were not active participants in the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution projects that are being propagated out of the World Economic Forum in Davos — children in Wales would not be piloting a switch to an insect-based diet instead of a traditional diet, nor would the European Union be accelerating the approval of insects as a new, “promising” way of eating.

All of that in the name of, allegedly, reducing the emission of “harmful gases” that contribute to global warming — about which, by the way, there is no scientific consensus.

To that end, lab-grown “meat” is now being offered as a “green alternative” that is supposed to “save the planet”. And soon, also in the name of the “green agenda”, lab-cultured “mother’s milk” will also be offered.

One of the leading investors into this (too) fundamentally dystopian project is — of course — Bill Gates.

Finally, if the European Union wished Serbia itself well (and indirectly, the Republic of Srpska), it would not be depriving them of access to Russian oil, nor, in collusion with the NATO, ban the flight of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs who was set to visit Belgrade on June 6 and 7. But, since the start of the dissolution of Yugoslavia to this day, the European Union has clearly shown that it does not wish Serbia well, nor had it ever had a serious intention to accept Serbia into its ranks.

The only thing that its top members truly care about is that by no means may some other forces that are more favorable towards Serbia and its interests — such as Russia and China — get a chance to enter their Balkan “ban”.

Are we, as Europeans, seriously going to allow the European Union to destroy our common continent, cut us off from the world’s most promising markets on the rise, and turn us into a mere appendage of American corporations — that is the question.

Aleksandar Pavić.