The NATO stepped up the air strikes on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After seven days of peace, the Novi Sad area was targeted again. The oil refinery and the neighborhoods of Šangaj, Bukovac, Brankovac and the area of Beška were shelled. More than ten people were injured.

After five days, Belgrade was shelled, especially the area of Batajnica. The oil refinery in Pančevo was targeted. The area of Dečani and Kosovska Mitrovica was hit with more than 20 missiles. The agricultural estate “Dobričevo” near Ćuprija was shelled again.

The United States announced that the NATO will step up the attacks on Yugoslavia until such a time that President Slobodan Milošević starts to pull back the army and the police from Kosovo and Metohija. “I foresee that the attacks will intensify in the next few days,” said Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon.