SNSD MP in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly Sanja Vulić has told SRNA that some MEPs give themselves the right to interfere too much in the internal affairs of BiH, while the basic question for them is whether they know where BiH is, how it is organised and how it works.

Commenting on the fact that some MEPs supported the decision on financing the BiH elections imposed by Christian Schmidt, Vulić says they, as MEPs, should have known that BiH does not have a High Representative.

“Their support means only one thing – support for lawlessness and illegal position of High Representative held by Christian Schmidt, who came to BiH without receiving Security Council’s confirmation. He is just a tourist in BiH and a money hunter,” Vulić said.

According to her, Christian Schmidt publishes what the SDA announces few days earlier, all that being written to him by Sarajevo’s aides-de-camp, SDA envoys.

Vulić emphasized that the support of certain MEPs shows that they have no idea about the actual problems the Serbs and Croats have been facing in BiH, nor about the fight to preserve sovereignty, Dayton and the Constitution.

“They are interfering in everything without being aware of the Croat people being deprived of a legitimate representative in BiH, the two constituent peoples in BiH – Serbs and Croats being continuously degraded, belittled constantly working on their extermination and creating, i.e. Muslim BiH “, Vulić emphasized.

She has told individuals from the European Parliament that since they like to meddle in everything and shape the destiny of people in a country they don’t even know where it is, they should first read the Dayton Peace Agreement, visit BiH and talk to political representatives of the three constituent peoples living in such BiH.