High representatives and the OHR in BiH are behaving like the British colonial administration in India or some other colonies in the 19th century, said Belgrade-based analyst Dragomir Anđelković.

Anđelković points out that high representatives often come from countries with a democratic tradition, but behave extremely undemocratic in BiH humiliating institutions, politicians and the people.

“/Christian/ Schmidt does it twice – first as a man who is acting within those institutions behaving neo-colonial, and secondly he is a self-proclaimed, illegally appointed. He is even a self-proclaimed colonial governor, not the one who got some kind of legitimacy for such behavior”, Anđelković told SRNA.

He warns that Schmidt’s latest move, i.e. the decision to finance the general elections in BiH, has an additional dimension, because basic civil rights are being violated.

Anđelković notes that Schmidt did not listen to Croats’ demands for being able to express their position democratically throughout the election process, making possible for others to make decisions on their behalf, which is a violation of all democratic values.

According to his assessment, Schmidt deliberately acted in this way in order to complicate things and create a basis for foreign interference.

“It is clear that politicians in BiH can ensure holding the elections without Schmidt’s such behaviour, but he deliberately acted so aggressively to add fuel to the fire, further complicating and creating a basis for foreign interference, which no one will benefit from,” Anđelković believes.

He points out that what Schmidt has done now only confirms that his mission is destructive, as well as the role of the OHR in general.

Schmidt, who Republika Srpska does not recognise as the High Representative, imposed a decision on June 7 on financing the general elections in BiH.