Serbian member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has stated that Christian Schmidt is an absolutely non-existent person regarding the position called High Representative in BiH and he should be deported from the country in the way provided by the law dealing with aliens in BiH.

“The Dayton Accords knows the position of the High Representative and his staff. Later, there was an attempt to impose it as an issue related to the OHR, which has no institutional competence and should be closed,” Dodik told the press in Sarajevo after the BiH presidency session.

Dodik points out that an informal group calling itself the Peace Implementation Council is sitting again, who were not elected by any means but self-elected and are trying to impose certain behaviours with their statements.

“They have set unsolvable questions before BiH in the past and led to BiH falling into institutional agony. When history is written, it will be obvious they were a significant disruptive factor on the path to stability in BiH,” Dodik said.