The Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik stated that the positions presented by Šefik Džaferović at the South-East European Cooperation Process summit of heads of state and governments in Thessaloniki were not of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but, as usual, those of his own political party, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA).
“But that is not the only problem — Džaferović lied to summit attendees in Thessaloniki. He could not resist the contemporary political trends, so he also spoke about the conflict in Ukraine, describing it as an aggression despite the fact that BiH has not taken an official position on the nature of the conflict in Ukraine, even though I, as the Serbian Member of the Presidency, requested it multiple times,” emphasized Dodik.

Asked to comment on Džaferović’s address at the Thessaloniki Summit, where he presented a number of accusations against the Republic of Srpska and its officials, Dodik pointed out that Džaferović labeled certain people who were, according to him, under Russian influence, while neglecting to mention others, such as himself, who are under the influence of certain Western countries, because as far as the Muslims are concerned every influence is benign except the Russian, even though Russia guaranteed an agreement that Džaferović cited several times, misinterpreting it.

Dodik stressed that Dayton did not grant authority to the High Representative to impose solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that was the hajduk law that the Western countries gave to their colonial administrators in order to discipline Serbs at the time.

“The Republic of Srpska does not lead a secessionist policy, but Džaferović still insists on propagating the lies cooked up in Sarajevo for the needs of preserving Muslim positions in BiH. The veto provision written into the Constitution is there precisely so that one of the peoples would not be dominant over the others, and it is not a blockade mechanism, as Džaferović claims, but a mechanism of protection, which is the reason why it was built into the Constitution,” clarified Dodik to Srna.

He stressed that the Muslim Member of the Presidency did not present a single position in Thessaloniki that is compatible with the truth and the Constitution, and it is particularly problematic that his position is incoherent and not representative of the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“These political excursions, that have already become normal for Džaferović, destroy BiH more than any other activity of the other two constituent peoples in BiH,” Dodik pointed out.