President of SNSD and member of the BiH presidency Milorad Dodik has said that representatives of the ruling coalition in Republika Srpska will confirm at a meeting today in Brussels Republika Srpska’s positions regarding the EU and the conflict in Ukraine.

Dodik doesn’t expect anything special from the meeting between leaders of parliamentary parties in BiH and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

“I think that this is something that was quickly gathered, we don’t know the format or what is wanted here. Basically, this is according to our system, ‘if something passes, it will pass, if it doesn’t pass, it won’t”, Dodik told prior to his trip to Brussels.

He has pointed out that the fact that the meeting was convened by the President of the European Council, Michel, who has recently been in Sarajevo and with whom he has talked for about an hour, should be taken into account.

“We will confirm our policy regarding the EU. We will say that we are not in NATO integration and that we are absolutely not ready to accept any qualification of the conflict in Ukraine”, Dodik said.

He has added that representatives of the ruling parties from Republika Srpska will say that it is a tragic conflict that should end as soon as possible.

“We will say that we are for peace, but also that we are a small country that does not have any potential to contribute to any ideas from Europe and that would suffer a great damage given our great dependence on energy, especially oil and gas”, Dodik said.

He says that he will say at the meeting that good relations with Russia have determined them to formulate a position in the National Assembly together and that they cannot go beyond that.

“We cannot impose sanctions on Russia and we will stick to it”, Dodik pointed out.

Regarding possible topics of the meeting in Brussels, Dodik says that the effort to confirm the European path is a commitment to peace and stability.

“We will see what their idea is. Europe’s behavior so far, which has been aimed at punishing, even stopping some projects, is counterproductive and will not strengthen the European path”, said Dodik.

He has said that there is a political commitment to the European path, as well as a public one, but that it is no longer the enthusiasm we saw a few years ago.

“It is largely the fault of the EU itself”, Dodik said.