Attorney Srđan Aleksić stated last night that he has received more than 3,340 inquiries from Serbian citizens who wish to sue the NATO Alliance for getting cancer as a consequence of the use of depleted uranium.

“We have a chance before our court in Belgrade, and we will prove truth and justice,” said Aleksić, adding that he expected the proceedings to start in the fall.

He said that the damages may be between €100,000 up to €300,000, keeping in mind the damage inflicted.

It is impossible, according to him, that the NATO has the immunity that they allegedly got by signing the Partnership for Peace in 2005, since retroactive immunity does not exist.

“We will prove in court the cause-consequence relationship and the NATO Alliance will be held responsible for all of the consequences caused by the use of depleted uranium,” said Aleksić to Tanjug and reminded that his Italian colleague has successfully won more than 300 final verdicts and continues to win in court.

Aleksić said that the Italian attorney is a member of his legal team and that they together represent the citizens of Serbia, mainly soldiers and police officers who defended the country.

He added that they also receive calls from Albanians from Preševo and Bujanovac, where more than two tons of depleted uranium were dropped on Vranje alone, out of a total of 15 tons that the NATO Alliance has confessed to dropping.

“It is our belief that they dropped a lot more, and we will prove it in court,” said Aleksić.

He stated that living clients must provide a blood sample, while samples from the deceased will be taken via biopsy, so that the presence of heavy metals and depleted uranium may be determined with nanotechnology in Turin.

Aleksić pointed out that more than 300 verdicts have been ruled in favor of Italian soldiers thanks to the physician from Turin.