The Office for Kosovo and Metohija reacted to the attack on Serbian young men from Parteš, stating that Serbs are under orchestrated attacks directed by Albin Kurti, who does it on a daily basis, using incendiary vocabulary, turning our citizens into legitimate targets.

The announcement emphasized that the last night’s incident where two young men of the Serbian nationality from Parteš, Božidar S. and Velibor D., were brutally attacked when a man of the Albanian nationality charged them with a knife, has caused great anguish and concern among the Serbian people in Kosovo Pomoravlje.

“This attack comes after a series of ethnically based incidents aimed towards Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, which we witnessed the previous weekend, and about which the representatives from both Priština and the international community have kept their silence,” said the announcement.

The Office reminded that they have cautioned several times that the absence of reaction and the policy of impunity has a stimulative effect on raising tensions on the ground, which has now culminated in the attack on the two Serbian young men.

“What has to happen for the representatives of the international community to take seriously the increased number of ethnically motivated incidents and take steps in their jurisdiction to protect Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija?”, asked the office.

Without a doubt, they added, the orchestrated attacks on Serbs are happening under the direction of Albin Kurti, whose incendiary vocabulary attacks Serbs on a daily basis and makes them out to be legitimate targets, reported Kosovo Online.

“It is shameful and inconceivable that in the 21st century in the heart of Europe, before the eyes of the entire international community, open violence takes place with the aim to ethnically cleanse the territory of Kosovo and Metohija from Serbs. The perpetrators are not being punished, the crimes against Serbs are not being condemned, and that is a large stain on the face of international officers,” concluded the Office’s statement.