Serbian Ambassador to the US Marko Djuric says Serbia-US relations are on a constant upward trajectory and that a great, mutually beneficial future is ahead of the partnership between the two countries.

“Serbia-US relations are based on a 140-year-long tradition, on unbreakable ties of hundreds of thousands of Serbian Americans with their mother country, and on political, economic, educational, cultural and scientific ties. We are working together on overcoming the legacy of the 1990s and we wish to restore the relations to their former glory,” Djuric told Politika in an interview.

Djuric said he had recently conveyed to US President Joe Biden an invitation from Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to visit Serbia, and added that he was confident the visit would take place in the upcoming period.

“I am optimistic about Serbia-US relations. The foreign policies of big powers change in a manner that is proportionate to mutual interests as well as to efforts to align them. Today, Serbia is investing serious efforts into this relationship. During my tenure in the US so far, I have witnessed an increased attention and interest in Serbia as well as in a deepening of our ties across the political spectrum in Washington,” Djuric said.