The European Parliament, which has long taken to representing the opinion of the dominant elite rather than the will of its citizens, only confirmed in its report what it has been thinking about Serbia for a long time and what conditions it is preparing to impose, said the Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Washington Obrad Kesić.

“They have been preparing conditions for a long time which will have to be an essential decision for Serbia, not only for its future as a possible member of the European Union, but also that, as any country, it must simply take a step back from its national and state interests in order to be accepted by this elite,” said Kesić.

He stated that this elite in a large part represents chauvinism and intolerance.

“They are the ones who promote more censorship, who are in favor of engaging Russia in a full-on war, who condemn churches such as the Serbian Orthodox Church. Essentially, the European Parliament has not been representing the will of its citizens for a long time, but the opinions of that elite — what the world should look like, with them leading the world into that great reset,” said Kesić for Tanjug.

Yesterday in Brussels, the European Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee adopted the majority of the amendments to the text of a resolution about Serbia which asks Belgrade to more closely align itself with the foreign and security policy of the European Union, including imposing sanctions on Moscow.

Serbian rapporteur Vladimir Bilčik’s deputies in the resolution also requested a normalization of the relations with Priština in order for Belgrade to continue on its path towards the European Union.