General Ratko Mladić’s health is deteriorating in detention in The Hague, he is much weaker physically and mentally, and the defense is trying to send a request to the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Courts /Mechanism/ to respond in this regard , told Srna General’s son, Darko Mladić.

“I hope that they will meet our demand, that one of the doctors will go to him and perform examinations. We are still working on it, we will see, maybe he will be a foreigner, maybe ours, we are not sure what they will approve,” said Darko Mladić.

He noted that the family and Mladic’s defense from The Hague were still not given the general’s medical documentation, which was considered a problem.

According to Darko, General Mladić should be in a hospital for treatment, not in The Hague detention, and the defense has no information on whether he will be transferred somewhere.

Speaking about Mladić’s case, his son has mentioned that there is a second instance verdict, but that the defense has not yet submitted a request for revision, because they do not see the point while in the position of President of the Mechanism is Carmel Agius, who, as it is stated, is openly biased against General Mladić.

“For a revision to be submitted to him … We know that no one will even consider it, because the outgoing president has shown his bias against General Mladić several times and we do not see the point in submitting it to him,” Darko said, reminding that Agiuds said yesterday at the UN Security Council that he would no longer be the president of the Mechanism.