With their policy, the Bosniaks have managed to do something that nobody had managed in centuries — they turned Serbs and Croatians into allies, said Vice President of the Croatian National Assembly (HNS) Mario Karamatić, commenting on the latest meeting in Brussels, but also speaking on the expectations around the changes to the Electoral Law and resolving the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It is not that we had some sort of an enlightenment and suddenly started liking each other, it is that we are simply trying to stick to the agreement. For 30 years now, the Bosniaks have been either not abiding by anything agreed with them, or distorting it to make the wind blow their way,” pointed out Karamatić in his interview with the portal Banjaluka.net I U korak sa gradom .

He pointed out that peaceful separation, “if they keep this behavior up”, is the most reasonable option for him:

“Let’s separate nicely, like human beings, and if we ever meet again, we can have a coffee, a brandy, or whatever goes with that,” said Karamatić.

He emphasized that the HNS sent a document today requesting an amendment to the preamble to the Brussels Agreement in the part where it cites court verdicts — of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Court of Human Rights.

“We requested to include what was signed off on in Brussels in 2013 and in Mostar in 2020. Let me remind you that these were international agreements guaranteed by the United States administration and the European Union. All parties in Brussels signed off on not imposing representatives to any of the peoples, and in Mostar Izetbegović signed off on enacting the amendments to the Electoral Law which will ensure that all of the peoples can elect their own representatives,” pointed out Karamatić.

He added that they chose to make this move because “our Bosniak friends are in the habit of not abiding by what they signed, let alone by what was agreed in principle”.