The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama has stood up for understanding the position of Serbia regarding imposing sanctions on Russia, reported Politico.

“You have to understand that Serbia is in a very different position than many others, because of its history, because of its special ties with Russia,” said Rama.

He said that he believed that Serbia should impose sanctions over time, but he cautioned against putting pressure on Belgrade, which is to a large extent dependent on Moscow for the supply of energy, to do too much too soon.

“It’s suicidal for their economy. Putting too much Western pressure on Serbia could be detrimental to the stability of the Western Balkan region,” Rama warned. He added, “we need to sometimes bear with others and understand what’s going on”.

“I think Serbia is on the right track. Of course, not with the speed we might want. But believe me, the other scenarios are really very bad for everyone, and especially for this region,” Rama said.