The status of Republika Srpska remains one of the most important foreign policy goals of the Russian Federation, regardless of all problems currently facing the Russian state, Russian Ambassador Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said today.

Speaking at the promotion of a Russian translation of the book “Arming with the Truth” by Milan Ljepojević in the Russian Home in Belgrade, Botsan-Kharchenko has said that Russia is committed to fighting for the preservation of Republika Srpska and its rights, which was clearly confirmed in talks between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik.

“I am well aware of the very harmful intensified activities on the annulment of the Dayton principle and attempts to exclude Russia from solving the problems related to BiH. But that is impossible, just as it is not possible to resolve the issue of Kosovo without Russia, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council,” Botsan-Kharchenko emphasized.

He assessed that preserving the Dayton Agreement is the most important task not only in the region but also in Europe if it really wants stability in this region, which is European.

“However, all the events on orders by Washington, Brussels, NATO and the EU, primarily the so-called appointment of the so-called high representative, but also other decisions, represent the continuation of the annulment of the Dayton Agreement with the desire to centralize BiH,” Botsan-Kharchenko said.

He feels that the most dangerous direction of these harmful activities is the desire to reduce or annul special ties between Republika Srpska and Serbia, which are brotherly and natural, which makes them impossible to destroy.

“That is why the fight for the preservation of the Dayton Agreement and its principles is very important. Only on the basis of Dayton, BiH can remain a decentralized country, while preserving Republika Srpska in full scope and capacity,” Botsan-Kharchenko emphasized.