The Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandar Vulin stated today that Russia is not changing its position and will not be recognizing the so-called Kosovo, and he added that even if the entire world recognizes it, Serbia will not recognize the so-called Kosovo, which is, after all, more important than anything.

“By recognizing the so-called Kosovo as a country, the West invoked the right of the survival of the strongest, but that knife cuts both ways. The international law was killed in the NATO aggression in Serbia in 1999, and nothing will bring it back to life in Ukraine. Russia is citing the example of the West, and those who had set that example for it hardly have a moral argument to condemn it for the principle they themselves have set. If those who had recognized the so-called Kosovo realized their mistake and revoked their recognition, maybe they would have a moral argument to condemn Russia, but instead, they ask Serbia to recognize the so-called Kosovo, so that Serbia can repent for their sins with its recognition,” said Vulin.

Vulin made that statement commenting on the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remark that a precedent was set with Kosovo and that Russia has the full right to recognize the republics in Donbas according to the United Nations Charter, and that when Kosovo declared its independence, the International Court of Justice, under pressure from the Western countries, ruled that it was in line with the United Nations Charter.