If Bosnia and Herzegovina is not granted candidacy status for membership in the European Union, there will be none of the agreement reached at the meeting between the leaders of the parliamentary parties and the President of the European Council Charles Michel held in Brussels, said today the Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik.

Dodik posted on his Twitter account that the meeting in Brussels was motivated by Michel’s desire to offer to the European Council a certain agreement for politicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I still stand behind it. If we are granted candidate status, everything that was agreed upon there ought to be upheld. If BIH is not granted candidacy status, the Brussels Agreement dies,” said Dodik.

Criticism Towards European Commission’s Decision

Yesterday, Dodik Criticized the European Commission’s decision to recommend candidacy status for Ukraine, while leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina out, stating that such a decision destroys the only consensus between Serbs, Croatians and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“That decision rightfully forces us to think about whether the European path is the only path that we should be on. If the decision about Ukraine is informed by the current events there, then I have to ask whether the 93,000 killed in BiH is too few for the “European” criteria?,” said Dodik on his Twitter account.

On that occasion, he emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina is being expected to meet conditions that some of the members do not currently meet, and on the other hand, they are proposing candidacy for a country which has an ongoing armed conflict on its territory.

“If that is the EU that we have been striving for, then thank you for that EU!,” concluded Dodik.