Near the Šaran Pit on the Velebit in Croatia, a memorial service will be held today for around 40,000 Serbs killed in the Second World War in that location and several other locations on the Velebit in the Gospić-Jadovno-Pag Ustasha concentration camp complex.

The memorial service on the occasion of the Jadovno Remembrance Day will be served by the Bishop of Gornji Karlovac Gerasim, and the kaddish by the Chief Rabbi Lucijano Prelević.

After the memorial service, wreaths will be laid at the central monument in Jadovno, which has been completed in its entirety thanks to the efforts of the Serbian People’s Council, and its destroyed parts have been restored, reported RTRS.

The Gospić-Jadovno-Pag Concentration Camp Complex, also known under the name of Gospić Camp Group, was the first organized Ustasha extermination camp complex designated for the destruction of Serbs and Jews in the then-Independent State of Croatia.

According to the data gathered so far, which is not final, 40,123 persons, mostly Serbs, were killed in the most brutal manner at the Jadovno death camp complex,