Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, has stated that after last week’s summit in Brussels, the European path in BiH is completely meaningless, and that it should be redefined and placed in the real framework of this day and age.

Commenting on the decision to grant EU candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine, Dodik said that unless Union stops making some illusory demands, BiH does not need to work on it.

“They think that we are people of lesser value here, they think that we should be constantly pressured. The war here and the suffering of 94,000 people was not enough for them, they made their decision and consider it historic”, Dodik told reporters in Bijeljina.

He thanked European Council President Charles Michel for his support in organizing a recent meeting of BiH leaders in light of strengthening BiH’s chances of gaining EU candidate status.

“We agreed on something, but now it has failed and it serves no purpose, nor does it mean anything. What happened in Brussels is absolutely a dead letter on paper because the promises we had in that sense are nothing but a dead letter on paper”, stated Dodik and thanked Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Poland for their desire to help BiH gain candidate status.

He added that his commitment was for BiH to move towards the EU, but that there was no trust in the Union, especially after this last meeting.