President of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, has said yesterday in Duga Njiva near Modriča that the corridor breakthrough is a symbol of the heroic action of the Serbian people for freedom and survival in this area, and the battle that breathed life into Republika Srpska.

“It is an eternal reminder of the deeds we are able to achieve when we are united, unified, gathered around national interests and our Republika Srpska”, said Cvijanović in her address marking the 30th anniversary of Operation “Corridor”.

Cvijanović said that because of that, it is the joint duty of institutions and all of people individually to resolutely defend what the best among Serbian people fought for.

“In these challenging times, let us unanimously stand behind the most important national interests and clearly draw the common red lines. Lines below which we will never go at any cost, no matter how strong the attacks and pressures we face”, noted Cvijanović.

The President of Srpska said that the consequences of the deadly air land blockade of the western part of Republika Srpska were terrible, and the most terrible ones were measured by the tragically extinguished lives of our 12 stars / newborn babies in the Banja Luka maternity hospital /.

She stated that the price of freedom that the Serbian people live in today was too high, both in this and in many other places throughout Republika Srpska.

Cvijanović said that it was, therefore, a permanent duty of the Serbian people to gather in these places, which are the cornerstone of Republika Srpska, and that young generations and the future generations should learn to respect the sacrifice built into the foundations of freedom.

Operation “Corridor” established the connection between Srpska and Serbia, and Srpska gained a compact territory. The decision to break through the corridor was made on June 18, 1992, in order to unblock the western part of Republika Srpska, which was cut off for 42 days, and there were about a million and a half residents in the area.

The direct reason for the action “Corridor of Life” was the death of 12 babies in the Banja Luka maternity hospital due to lack of oxygen.